In the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector, the Qualified Person – his experience, professionalism, ability to focus on every detail of process, and his consistently displayed attitude of always working for the best interest of the client – is the lifeblood of any organization. We always keep that in mind when we offer our GMP services.


Bet Pharma’s highly experienced quality professionals are always available to help your company comply with GMP/GDP requirements, develop, optimize your quality assurance system and to provide hands on support batch records review, certification and batch release of your 3rd country manufactured pharmaceutical products.

The Service may contain:

  • Development, implementation and continuous maintenance of quality assurance systems
  • Set up of technical agreements, site master files, quality manuals and policies
  • Facility preparation and SOP development in support of gaining manufacturing or distribution license
  • Organization and support of contract analyses from audited laboratories
  • Review of batch compliance to the provisions of the MA
  • Batch certification and release
  • Site audit

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